Shanghai Youlier Enterprise Development Co Ltd. is a precise, stable and, as the mechanical design principle, the specialty is engaged in the screen printing equipment and steel plate coating equipment research, development and production, sales as one of the enterprises.

The company has advanced mechanical processing equipment, and strive to the accuracy and standardization of parts, to ensure the quality; rich experience in mechanical design and software program compiling department, make our equipment has always maintained a leading advanced and automatic, autonomous, and according to customer demand for the production of a positive match. So far our customers have started to spread all over the domestic market in order to provide more direct and efficient service to the domestic related industries, in 2009 in Shanghai, China set up new production and processing workshop, excellent lifein Seiki thus began a new mileage. Years of experience accumulation, we have a professional after-sales service sector, so that we can provide customers with a full range of services, and to provide customers with the best equipment configuration, to reduce costs, improve competitiveness and create profit.

Currently our equipment has been integrated into the ceiling, electronics, packaging, advertising, plastic, glass, ceramics, aviation and other industries, the excellent sales team, good company and personal credibility, to establish a professional, high quality image, and has the best reputation.

We are willing to work together with industry friends to create a win-win situation!

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